Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Long and Winding Road (to a diagnosis)

So I went and talked to the pediatrician about Sam's stuff. She suggested getting him evaluated through through the schools. I documented, got his teacher to document, and today we had his re-evaluation meeting. Well, it turns out that I documented SO WELL that a formal behavior evaluation would be superfluous. So, awesome?

I agreed that it didn't make sense to do an evaluation since it wouldn't lead to a diagnosis, and it's not like he'd qualify for services with the eval that he wouldn't now. I got the draft of his new IEP and it has some behavior-related goals on there, which is pretty much all I want out of the schools right now. So we're good. (Except his goals are kind of laughable to me. "With 80% accuracy on 4 out of 5 opportunities Sam will comply with adult requests and directions with no more than one prompt." Have you MET my kid?)

But now I'm back at square one again in terms of a diagnosis. I'm trying to get Sam an appointment with the Children's National ADHD clinic. I initially didn't want to do that because the clinic in Northern Virginia is all filled up and I didn't want to go into the city. But now I'm starting to realize that the options for getting a preschooler diagnosed are probably going to dictate going into the city.  I'm hopeful that THIS step will result in getting us closer to a diagnosis so we can start to get some services rolling.

Today at preschool pickup I had to park the car and get Sam off the playground because he wouldn't come when his teacher called him. It was embarrassing, frustrating, and increasingly common. Today I feel like whenever we make progress on these behavior issues, it is two steps forward and two steps back. I think it is time to try to figure out some new techniques.

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