Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sentences I never thought I'd say

  • Please stop licking the cat.
  • If you take a bite of brownie I'll let you have another sip of my coffee.
  • Don't lick the toilet!
  • Don't lick the ground!
  • Don't lick mummy!
  • Yelling in kitty's face is like hitting her with your voice.
  • If cars get flushed down the potty they go to Car Hell. Where they cry. FOREVER.
  • All mummy wants for Chrismukkah is one day where I get to use with bathroom in private. 
  • You are never too busy to love kitty, or anyone else for that matter. 


  1. He too enjoys the hairball gag. Very cute.

  2. Love "please stop licking the cat". Hehe.