Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Oh, chickadees, that time of year is here again, and I am most woefully unprepared. Tomorrow I must cook my cranberry sauce and stale my bread, and if I was a good girl, I would also do some veggie prep, such as dicing my celery and peppers for the stuffing. But chances are, I shall instead be navigating the store for that one item that I forgot (probably onions, as I never seem to have as many as I think I do).

But still, we are so thankful to be celebrating with our dear friends, the nitrorockets family, who will  be providing pie for the festivities. We are thankful to have good friends in our lives, and thankful for all this year has provided for us.

I am especially thankful for kitty snuggles, little boy kisses, hugs from my husband, dear friends, modern medicine, candy-cane Jo-Jos and the fact that my husband still watches Supernatural with me even though this season sucks so bad it's about to start blowing harder than a snowblower in February.

What are you thankful for this season?

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