Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A nice home

After years of denial, I am finally ready to admit it: I keep a nice home.

I might not keep a home that is always clean, and I definitely don't keep a neat and organized home. But I keep a nice home, nonetheless. The floors are usually vacuumed, and the toilets are cleaned several times a week. And I used to think that that kind of stuff was what people meant when they say "she keeps a nice home." But I've changed my mind.

My home is full of warmth, laughter, and love. Friends are always welcome for a meal or just a chat. The meal might be a takeout pizza, but I'll be sure to have your favorite drink on hand. Or make cookies just for you. If you're in trouble, come to my home. We'll take you in, feed you up, and not let you go until you feel better. If you need someone to celebrate with, come to us. People in my home love hearing about your good news, and we're always ready to smile with you.

I'll probably never be a real balabusta, but I think I've managed to create a nice home anyway.

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